To order, or for more information, call
 Mary Jo Deysach at 847-869-3925 
or email mjdeysach@gmail.com

OUR CARDS are all made to order so we can customize colors, text, greetings, and images. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Every card comes with a matching decorated envelope and we will address it for FREE.

We love to do poetry and quotes in a variety of styles.

 Customer Feedback:
I absolutely love these   cards. Each one is unique and beautifully made. I'm not sure if it's more fun sending them or receiving them!" KK 

Cards are 5" x 7" 
and high quality Strathmore stock.

Cards can be picked up at various Chicago area locations or we are happy to ship them.

​Shipping charges:
1 card - $0.50; 2 or 3 - $0.75
4 or 5 - $1.00; 6 or 7 - $1.50
8 or 9 - $1.75; 10 -12 $2.00

We do cool things with 

We do wedding invitations.